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Helping businesses, organisations and charities shape the policy environment in which they work.

ResolutePA provides strategic advice and support to leaders from health, green, business and charity sectors who are helped to educate, inform, respond to and shape the policy environment in which they operate in Northern Ireland.

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What we do

Resolute has provided strategic support to clients from a wide range of sectors including pharmaceutical, health charities, renewable energy, waste management, recycling, planning and telecommunications.

Our services have helped form educated policy decision making in Northern Ireland and Westminster. We have done this through bringing client solutions to policy and political stakeholders via direct engagement, responding to consultations, engaging at Party Conferences, organising policy roundtables and related events, providing PR and media relations and crisis management services.

We are proud to say that our clients have delivered cost savings, created employment, developed better living conditions, enhanced the ‘green’ circular economy, increased access to life saving healthcare and increased understanding of patient need.

ResolutePA would be delighted to assist you in doing the same in Northern Ireland. Please click the link below to get in touch with us and find out more.

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Terry McErlane - Founder and Managing Director





Core Services

At Resolute PA, our core services are tailored to ensure that our clients have the right information at the right time on which to base activity; engage with the right policy influencer audiences and assess the impact of their solutions on government and wider society.

Political Monitoring.

The foundation in enabling companies, organisations and charities to make positive impacts on the policy environment is to have the right information at the right time and then to act on it. Our tailored service provides that advantage.

Stakeholder Research, Identification and Engagement.

Our team has decades of experience and understanding of a wide range of policy networks. Our knowledge and research helps develop a base from which clients can understand and proactively connect with targeted stakeholders who will have a decisive impact on their aims and objectives.

Legislative Impact Assessment.

We can help a client assess the impact of legislation from Stormont or Westminster on the work that they do. This helps clients prepare and respond in a useful and informed fashion.

Consultation Responses.

Consultations are a direct communication from government to business and society that change is coming. ResolutePA identifies what consultations are relevant and assists in the development of suitable responses.